Made in Siberia

We are engaged in harvesting, processing and marketing in Europe pine nuts from ecologically clean regions of Siberia.

We organized complete production cycle. All the products are packed in convenient vacuum packs. Therefore, long-term storage, pine nuts do not lose its healing power.

In our warehouse in Koper, Slovenia there is always sufficient supply of cedar products to meet the demands of any buyers.

Our advantages

Direct indulge products from Siberia
Direct products
supply from Siberia
The constant availability of products in stock in Europe
The constant availability
of products in stock
in Europe
Customs clearance and certification services
Customs clearance and
certification services
High delivery speed
High delivery speed
Low price
Low price
Deferment of payment
Terms of post payment

Have questionsabout quality?

We provide you with all the certificates and documentation, that You are now able to sign a contract with us. And do not hesitate as quality without any hesitations in products quality.

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Our logistics

Due to the general vicinity of the EU countries to Slovenia, we organize streamlined delivery process of pine nuts across Europe.

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What pine nuts?

100 grams of pine nutssatisfies 15% of the dailyhuman need inprotein in the body.

The infusion of shell pine nutshas analgesic, astringent, anti-inflammatoryact.

Pine nuts are recommended to enhance immunity and recuperation, when vitamin deficiency and weight loss.

Pine seeds are usedfor the prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases,as well as a source of iodine.

Nitrogenous substances (Essential amino acids) carbohydrates (fructose, sucrose, glucose, starch) and trace elements (manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, iodine), and vitamins A, E, G.

Cedar World - Distributor of Siberian Products in Europe